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By clicking on the picture, you can watch and listen to some teachings – preachings from Csaba & Eva Gegeny:


Other Materials here:

We’ve received numerous testimonies on how God has renewed the lives of people and has given them new fire, encouragement and hunger for seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. Glory to God for His Holy Spirit who is being transmitted through videos!

Patience from Africa wrote:
Hi, thank you so much for your uplifting videos, have been watching and listening to them and I believe everything you said. In fact when I watched the first video I was in my room and felt the presence of God and started praying in the spirit. So today I decided to watch all the videos with my boss at work. She’s my Deputy Manager from your country and she has been so uplifted and blessed as well. Last year a man of God was preaching and he mentioned about some Christians going to Heaven and he said a couple of them have been there several times. He even said to us that some of you here are going to have Heavenly encounters. Stay blessed, you are really an inspiration to me. I have shared the videos with my family in Africa.
Patience’s Deputy Manager – Marianna wrote:
We don’t know each-other but I was watching your videos with Patience. I’ve found them very interesting and really liked them! I’ve heard many people guessing only whether there is Heaven and Hell – and even when it’s written in the Bible, there are so few people believing it! Watching your videos – they opened my eyes to this reality and I feel a hunger inside me to visit Heaven too.

Anonymous person wrote:
For me, the fact that Jesus is no longer on the cross but is sitting in Heaven at the right hand of the Father was a revelation… Thank you so much!

Marianna from Slovakia wrote:
I began watching Eva’s videos as I’ve seen they contain supernatural messages about God and of course I am interested in such – as the Lord himself is supernatural! So when you meet Him or you get anything from Him, you can only say one word and that is: ‘WOW’! As I kept watching this is exactly what I’ve seen this ‘WOW’ being present. It’s so wonderful when the Father is presented to people as a loving God as that is the truth! It’s hard to understand the whole dimension of the Father but I think you can definitely see and hear from these videos: the Father is seeking us! When in fact we think we are seeking the Father, He is the one who comes with visions and His love and this is fantastic! I thank God that He’s spoken to me through Eva and what also is very interesting that as you are listening you get new revelations and from this source lots of messages come, this is so wonderful and fantastic… as God is like that! His cup is full until it overflows…

Anna from England wrote:
I have watched your videos and I truly liked them! I am so glad that you’ve had Heavenly encounters and got a new fire from Heaven! These testimonies were so different from what I’ve previously seen or heard. These touches from Heaven were immersed in prayer and seeking God and I really liked them. Encouraging, cheering and uplifting! They revive, they contain guidance and instructions… lots of comfort and healing and the experience of the love of God which I also want more of both for myself and others! May the Lord guide you, help you to continue to radiate His joy and enlarge your territory!

Ingrid from Germany wrote:
I was so happy to see you on the YouTube videos! You are full of life! Both your love and passion comes across and it’s not only great but contagious! I also want to see more of Heaven now and get new impulses to seek this more than earthly things and thoughts. Thank you for your openness and honesty. I’m happy for you and believe you will have even more of these!

Edina from Hungary wrote:
Thank you for sharing your testimonies on the World Wide Web so anyone can watch it! It has strengthen me and was a real confirmation. The Lord has given me fantastic dreams in which He showed me similar things 9 years ago but I haven’t been brave enough to share them with anyone else as I thought they’d think I’m crazy. I’m so happy that I can finally share them with you as I know you would understand…

Gyongyi from England wrote:
This was such a great idea! It was already very late at night when I started watching and it is so powerfully anointed that it melted me and I just couldn’t stop! May the Lord bless you and all those that are watching so they would be full of hope and faith to have similar Heavenly experiences! When you will be there again, could you please ask God how should we pray more efficiently into the Land so that His perfect will be done in Israel at a time like this? If only we could hear His heartbeat a bit louder and tune into His perfect will deeper regarding His chosen ones!

Dora from Hungary wrote:
I really liked your videos! Your face is radiating as you speak! It’s full of conviction as you explain things on a simple way people can understand it.

Laszlo from Hungary wrote:
I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father that you’ve shared your experiences! We’ve watched through the 4 parts and are absolutely one with everything you say! God is doing the exact same work within us – exactly how you said it – even the Scriptures you read were the same ones God has given us to open our eyes. We’ve also become the lovers of God! We’ve had a great spiritual hunger in us before but what happened after – that is truly amazing! We’ve seen Heaven open and God’s began teaching us – just as you said! We don’t need to run to people to pray for us as our identity in Christ is now on its place and we’ve discovered who we really are in Christ. Hallelujah! He totally ‘turned us on’ as He truly is as you described Him!

Magda from Hungary wrote:
We have listened to your testimonies on our cell group meeting. You’ve affirmed these people in their faith and now they can see that they can also access Heaven whilst being still on earth. Thank you! The many specific experiences and their confirmation from the Word of God were awesome too.


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