Venue – Budapest

Rhema Conference Center
1089 Budapest, VIII. District (Jozsefvaros), Golgota Str. 9.

The maximum holding capacity of the conference hall is 1000 people. There are several washrooms, the venue has a diner and cafeteria – scroll down for more details.

Approaching the Place:

Bus 99: from Blaha Lujza square or from the underground station of Hatar Str. to Blathy Otto street

Tram 24: from Keleti Station (M2) or from Nagyvarad square to Golgota square

Tram 1: to Vajda Peter street, from there you can either walk or take bus 99 for one stop.

Underground: to Nagyvarad square (M3) or to Keleti Station (M2) or to II. Janos Pal Papa square (M4) and from there by bus 99 to Blathy Otto street.

By car: Go to the big China-Market (Golgota square) – turn from Vajda Peter Street to Delej Street where you will be facing – “Uj Piac” inscription (see below on the photo), the parking paying machine is just at the corner of the street to the right. Turn right (dead end) onto Golgota Street. Enter number 9 to your GPS to get there but on the wall outside the building you will see: Golgota u. 3-9. Since the street has become a one-way Road, it can only be accessed by car this way. (You can see the entrance of the conference venue on the third photo here below)


Road-side parking on the street either in front of the building or around nearby. Parking is free of charge after 6pm midweek (between 8am and 6pm it costs 175 HUF for one hour). Saturday and Sunday parking is free of charge.


Photos of the building:

Dining Options / Shopping Malls:

The conference center has its own café – a buffet of cold and hot meals and drinks. In addition, there are several shopping malls nearby, offering a wide range of dining venues, cafes, etc. eg:

  • Chinese restaurant (closest)
  • Konyves Kalman Boulevard (only a few minutes by car) there are many fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonalds, etc.
  • Nepliget – also close
  • Arena Plaza (Kerepesi str. 9)
  • Corvin Plaza (Futo str. 37-45)
  • Arkad Shopping Center (Ors Vezer square 25)
  • Vaci street is not far where there are also lots of options


Other Information:

Alcohol consumption and smoking in the building are not allowed!

Unfortunately, there is no solution built for the disabled. If a person with a wheelchair is arriving, please indicate it on our website so we can help! Get in touch with us on high staircase leads up to the conference room on the first floor and stairs leading up to the entrance too. Anyone who has trouble getting up the stairs and can’t ask a friend for help, please let us know so we may be able to help!

The cooling – heating system of the building is a bit old, so we recommend layered dressing (to be able to take clothes on and off if needed) Inside the conference room the temperature is evenly good.